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Parts service for CT's



I hope someone actually affiliated with Flight Design reads this blog. I'm a member in an active flying club that collectively owns a CTLS. With seven to ten members at any given time, our (only) plane gets a lot of use, and as several are receiving primary flight training it sometimes gets a little rough and things get broken. We have had our plane down three times over the last two years, for at least four weeks at a time, with the vast majority of that time spent waiting on parts to arrive from someplace in Europe! We have currently been down five weeks, with an expectation of three more, waiting on something as simple as a motor mount! The last incident involved over four weeks to get a wheel assembly. My point is, FD is allegedly a leader in the LSA market... they make a fine product and I love to fly their airplane. You would think that they would therefore expend some resources to support what must surely be a large portion of their market... by stocking an adequate line of parts for their aircraft here in the US.


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