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Cracked carb flange

Jeremy MacGregor

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Here is a picture of a carb flange I had removed off of a 2006 Stingsport last month. The customer was having starting issues for awhile and had figured a carb balance would help. After attaching the the carb balancer, the engine started to shake and overflow during the test run. Upon further inspection we had found that by removing the support spring on the top of the carb and compensation tube, we were allowing the crack in the flange to open enough to cause a massive vacuum leak. The carb flange removed was a PN- 267-788, all the new ones in the last few years have been the 267-789 which are beefed up a bit. We replaced both the flanges, fortunately his 5yr is due in a few months so it was an inevitable expense. This is a good reason why to take the time limits for parts seriously and ensure that you give these guys a good inspection during your annual.


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