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Open House During Sebring EXPO

Tad Olmsted

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As most of you know, my hangar is a stones throw away from the EXPO area at KSEF (old Paradise hangar). This year has been incredible for me and I want to throw a little appreciation back to all my friends, old and new.


During the EXPO I will have hamburgers, hot dogs, snacks and plenty of cold beverages for all to enjoy. This is my way of saying thanks and I wanted some way to put a face with some of you that I have only talked to on the phone.


I am sure the socializing will be a lot of fun and I'll have the corn toss area set up for anyone brave enough to try and beat me. I may even have to wager an oil change on it :D .


So feel free to stop by and say hi and bring a friend. Thanks for a great year and I look forward to an even better 2012!!!

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We're getting close!!!


I placed a large beverage order this week and I will be picking up the vittles next Tuesday. The hangar is getting squared away and my desk top is starting to see the sun again.


The corn toss boards are being waxed up and the bags are getting a condition inspection tomorrow. :D


Have a safe, great and memorable trip to Sebring!!!

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So your not coming to try and de-thrown the undisputed corn toss champion of the world??? :D


Yeah I got them last week, thanks. Hopefully start this one by Thursday, but will be Friday at the latest. Havent seen your check clear my bank yet, call me if it hasn't shown up. Sent it last week.


I just opened up a vitual terminal and can accept all major credit cards at a very low rate. It's so low I won't even need to charge my customer a fee. Might want to think about it if you haven't done so yet. Cashless society these days warrents it, plus it's darn convinient.


Take care

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From the show, follow the taxi way North West leading to runway 14. The only set of commercial and T hangars are on both sides of the taxi way.


On the right are T hangars and on the left is a large new Commecial Hangar. You will see my Tecnam service center banner on the side of the building.


After hours you will smell the cooking and be able to hear the beer and wine chilling in the background. :D


Will be great meeting you too, Tad.

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Karen and I hope to make it down Friday, with the main visit on Sat. Staying with friends with a strip near Lake Placid.


If we arrive in time on Friday, Tad was nice enough to squeeze me in for a compression check and carb balance.


We were going to head down today, but we have a sick dog and we're keeping an eye on her.


Best laid plans, and all that...

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Looks like we're scrubbing this mission.


It's really misty in the GA mountains right now, and that combined with iffy weather coming home Sunday is all conspiring to make this a no-go.


Have fun, guys - maybe we can try for a Sun 'n' Fun meetup!

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