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BRS SB 07-05

Jim Meade

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I just came across this SB to inspect and if necessary correct the way the handle is attached to the lanyard on the BSR parachute CTSW prior to S/N 07-03-07.




Can someone please read under Corrective Action and note the underlined portion below the red font. "Unless BRS SB 07-05 is not complied with...". Can anyone tell me if this wording makes sense or did they unintentionally introduce a double negative? It looks like this SB applies to my airplane (except that it is now ELSA) and I don't recall that it has been completed. My logs are not at hand at this instant to check, which I surely will do as soon as I can.


Here is the BRS SB which they describe as mandatory.








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I got an email from Tom and from Arian at FD USA clarifying the wording. I found mine had been done and was entered in the log. SB 07-03 was also done but entered by a different person at a different date.


In my opinion, BRS does not make it easy to find or identify which SB applies to which chute. Not a major problem - maybe just my impression. One needs to open each SB and read it.



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