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SB logging

Jim Meade

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As I believe others have mentioned on this site, I'm going to begin a roster or list of various documents my airplane has been checked against. SB, AD, etc. I will make the basic entry in the appropriate log and use the index or roster only as a quick reference.


If anyone has any tips or examples, I'd be obliged. Pending that, this is what I'm going to do:


1. Make a computer file which I'll print from time to time


2. Each major item such as airframe, engine and appliances will have it's own entry. I'll probably go by serial numbered item, such as kY76A, Dynon 120, BRS parachute, FD airfram, Rotax engine, Neuform propeller, etc. Do you make a new subset for each major item or do you lump all the radios and such under "avionics"?



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