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CT Banner Tow


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The more I think about this, the more I wonder about setting up a little side business... just thinking, mind you.

So... thinking out loud-

Need to get towing hardware

Need to get aircraft OK'd by local FSDO

Need to get signed-off by banner towing trainer

Need to get commercial rating if I want $$$

hmmmm not bad for $450 /hr job


The banner towing system shown in the video is new technology... you take-off with the banner attached, which eliminates all the training/danger/hardware assiciated with old-school banner pickup techniques.

'Seems like the CT would be a good plane to use... powerful for it's size, especially with a light load, good slow-flight, and economical to operate. The 'Chute would definitely be a plus, for safety over populated areas.


Has anyone out there ever done any banner towing, or know anything about the business?


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