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Engine heater remote switch

Jim Meade

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Thanks for the references. Good job.


I will have to run the numbers and see how much it costs to have a phone sitting there. Maybe one of the track phones for use just during the winter, if there are no recurring monthly charges.


One questions brought up in some of the references discussions is how to deal with someone dialing your remote switch by mistake or as the result of some mega-dialer commercial firm out dooing surveys or political advertising. I would not like my engine heater to be turned on accidentally and not know about it.


Frankly, I don't know if the airport permits these, although I'll confess I'm not sure I would advertise that I had it.



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There is also another solution that will work if you have an internet connection available. The heater can be turned off or on though a computer by using a "network enabled power strip". One of these cost about $100 and no phone necessary but will only work for those of us that have an internet connection. This would work the same way but through a computer or any other device hooked up to the internet. An added benefit is that there are additional outlet that you can control so it could be used with multiple airplanes in the same hangar. I think there are 8 outlets on the strip that you can control remotely for any purpose you can think of by turning power off or on.


Google "network enabled power strip" to research this subject.


Al Downs

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