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The Dynon AP is pretty much the same whether the servos are controlled by a D-100 or a Skyview. I think Skyview allows you to change the vertical speed in flight and has a couple other minor tweaks but the performance should be the same. I have had the roll servo for 2 years and just added the pitch servo this month in my D100 equipped non-CT.

I have no complaints. Courses are held without undue searching. If you start off course, it will home in usually with one overshoot depending on how far off you start. I have used it with altitude crosswinds of greater than 80 knots and moderate turbulence. Course was held with the occasional deviation due to uneven winds.

Admittedly the air was smooth other than some light chop over the Ouachita mountains but the pitch servo worked flawlessly on its inaugural ~3hr flight. Held altitude within 25 feet of the bug with no porpoising. Also used it to attain altitude and take me down to pattern altitude. I'll be spending some time in the air over the next few days and will post if I notice any anomalies.

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