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My 2006 ctsw has always had about 100-120 degrees difference in egts, recently the engine nearly quit which we assumed was water in the fuel.

the following week we head to the bahamas, on the trip about florida the engine begins missing and vibrating bad enough i didnt want my feet on the pedals. Continued ahead knowing i would be crossing the ocean.Landed at fort lauderdale checked the plug wires found one that did click on farther 2 clicks.Seemed better went across the ocean planning on ditching and using the raft.The engine began runnung better ove the ocean. EGts just like always 100-125 difference.chts usually about 25 degrees difference. Coming back from the bimini island i told my wife look at the egts both were the same, chts were the same.Engine running better than i new it could. Crossed the ocean now at sebring all still running withing 2-10 degrees of each other......


What changed????


the plane was sold new from sebring and i live in kentucky.....think maybe it was just glad to see home?


what do the pros think?




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What are you talking about, Vicki had the raft in her lap the entire time over the water!

Not sure if she would had let me in it! We missed you both and know you would have had a great time. But we sure know how to do the trip now.



I had synced the carbs before i left, they were out just a little,it would be intresting to see what they are when i get home huh? Ill check and lket you know.....


i told bob that it seemed like the shaking for several hours of flying seemed to get something out that maybe had been stuck for a long time.....



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