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Bully Hawk Carburetor


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These Bully Hawk Carbs are actually Bing carbs removed off of 914s. They have different Jetting and a different diffuser installed. The jetting can be changed easily but the diffuser is a little more involved. I had a customer who purchased a pair and tried to install them on his 80hp Kitfox. Everything worked fine with the exception on a high mag drop only on one ignition. After hours upon hours of trouble shooting the ignition I had discovered there were 2 different main Jets installed in each carb ( this is normal on a 914) After switching over to the standard 158s in both carbs everything worked fine and the mag drop went away. So the answer is yes an no, the carbs are slightly different but can be changed to work if you sort out the diffuser. The float bowl set up is different as well, they use a drain plug to hold the bowl on rather than a bayonet clip.

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