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Aviation on Google Earth


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I thought I'd try something new and (personally) very enjoyable. I love Google Earth. As a former intelligence analyst I used Google Earth (and other sources) extensively to get the "God's Eye View" of the world. Being an aviation nut for must of my life I gravitate to aviation-oriented scenes. You never know when you'll come upon a real surprise when looking from the "high ground".


As an example, I'm attaching an image of Port-au-Prince airport in Haiti some time after their terrible earthquake when aid was coming in from all directions (in this image, literally.) This is no longer the current image on Google Earth of this airport, but illustrates how interesting things can get.


Please note first that this is the premiere international airport in Haiti. Also notice that it doesn't even have a taxiway. In this case that becomes a real issue. I've blown up for detail the aircraft involved. From right to left, an Air Force C-17 back-taxiing to the ramp. Midfield an MU-2 trying to get to the turnoff first. And finally, in the flare at (maybe) 120 knots, a twin engine business jet casting a beautiful shadow over the numbers.


Anyone see a problem here?


The purpose of starting this Topic is to enjoy various aviation-oriented images of anything you might find interesting. Show us what you like.


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HI Jim,


I've used Google Earth for years now and I'm sure I've just scratched the surface on how to use it.. I'd like to learn some other uses for this as well. I do know that you can take a program like ARC-GIS and integrate different layers of data over the top of an image, all geo-referenced, so they are over the base image where they're supposed to be.

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