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Transponder operation

Jim Meade

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The new AIM to be published 9 Feb includes a revision on transponder operation. Here is the explanation of change quote:


"c. 4−1−20. Transponder Operation

This change explains that transponders should be turned on

prior to moving on the airport surface - as opposed to ”as

soon as possible”.


I've always run my transponder on ALT all the time, even in ORD, JFK, ATL, DFW, STL, KCI and etc. Some have trained to have the transponder on STANDBY during ground operations and turn to ALT prior to departure.


Some glass panel stuff has the transponder go to ALT based on ground speed and/or altitude. We'll see how those issues are resolved. In the meantime we may wish to be alert for the official publicaiton to see what the final exact wording is and word our checklist and conduct our trainign and operations accordingly.



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