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Cowling Bracket replacement

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I've had the right bracket that connects the lower cowling to the engine mount (KA05010103) crack.

I believe I have the Re-inforced large engine mount, KB5010100-02. No rivets attach the bracket,

and the frame is strongly magnetic, unlike stainless that would be weak. Parts book pg 131.

I'm not trained to weld, so will have to hire someone.


1) have others had to replace these, how hard is it? I plan to re-use the camloc base but can get a new one if required.


2) is it important that the material of the frame and bracket be the same? eg steel/steel or stainless/stainless ?

what technique / materials are appropriate for thin steel welding?


3) if arc welding, is there danger to the avionics and voltage regulator? I'll discon. the battery.

Should I disconnect anything as well as having switches and breakers off?


Also, some of the camlocs will almost fall out of the cowling. There are no grommets on my cowlings.

Maybe the landing-light type of cowling doesn't have them.

I'm guessing that a C9997536C 'Cringle' is a grommet. Parts pg 29. I know a bit of German, but cannot figure out

where a Cringle came from. Maybe Kris? Does it take special tools to crimp those grommets on ?


Thanks, Bill McCandless

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