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Doing It The Right Way

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Doing things right doesn't take any longer, it cost the same and it's the right thing to do. Plus you don't have to pay a second time for someone to fix it.


After applying a Band-It clamp. use a pair of needle nose pliers to roll the end over so the next poor guy doesn't end up with blood all over and cursing the ground you walk on.


Use an Oetiker clamp on fuel lines and not a worm drive screw clamp.


You can see what a nice blunt end a rolled Band-It clamp makes when rolled over and pushed down. No blood, no cursing and no hospital.

Rolling the Band-It clamp end to remove sharp edges.pdf

Applying proper Band-It clamp to fuel line.pdf

Applying proper Oetiker clamp to fuel line.pdf

Correct and finished band clamp on fuel line.pdf

Correct and finished clamp 1.pdf

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