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Our distributor has ordered 2 new CTLS's with the Fuel injected 912, one is already taken but the other is available. They will be arriving around the June and will be Skyview equipped with the touch screen Garmin 796. The Fuel injection upgrade is 12,800.00 from Flight Design. There is a Sun & Fun special which lasts up to 1 week after the show. They are giving an 8000.00 discount off the price.


The Flight Design CTLSi is the latest version of the CTLS the CTLSi has the following features.

21% lower fuel consumption

Larger amperage alternator

Lighter Li Ion battery

Lower 80 RPM trigger speed for ignition (smooth starts when cold)

Faster engine responsiveness

Greater engine smoothness

New Header Tank and associated plumbing along with a selectable fuel valve

Less emissions

Electric Trim now Standard

Cowling changes

One extra gallon of fuel

Heavier motor mount

Relief from carburetor balancing requirement

Perfect start-up and shut-down and idle….just like a car



Give me a call if your interested.




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With the Discount that is available up to one week after Sun and Fun it comes in about $165,000 with Dual Skyview 10", Dynon Transponder, Dynon integrated autopilot, 796, tundra gear, 406 ELT, Lemo headset jacks and of course the 912 fuel injected 5 year warrenty on the airframe, 3 year warrenty on the engine and avionics.

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Hi Doug,


We could certainly do that! Our distributor has two more CTLSi's imbound the beginning of August so there would be a little time to customize it to your specs. They are planned for the 10"skyviews, autopilot, embedded transponder, etc. it takes a 30k deposit to hold one since they are scarce and selling fast. Give me a call and we can work out the details if you like.

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