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Exterior Maint Products


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FD would like to see you use a Ph neutral wash, i.e Composiclean. They also have a nice spray on wax. The only problem is the Ph neutral stuff gets off regular dirt, but not oil or grease. That will require a Ph base. Many of us have been using Oil Eater for the last 6 years without any issues. Anything that really cuts grease and oil will be on the base side. You don't have to soak the plane in it just use it for the spot jobs, especially on the bottom and back along the tail-boom. Some use Simple Green.

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Goop gets off exhaust stains.  Used in on my 210.  The none-gritty kind.  Endorsed by Cessna Pilot's Association.


Simple Green has a couple of formulations. I guess the aircraft version is OK. The other is rough on the plane, I've been told.



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BTW... we've emailed the Composiclean people numerous times, asking them to participate in our forum, and promote their products (free). For whatever reason, they've never responded. I'd love to hear what they have to say about the care and feeding of composites, pH, UV protection, etc.



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FlightDesign uses a WÖRWAG W750 PUR laquer for the finish of the CTs. This laquer is very resistable to cleaners. From the datasheet of the laquer comes the following list of substances, the laquer will resist without any chemical changes.


Hydrochloric acid (10 %)

Acid sulfur (10 %)

Caustic soda (25 %)

Ammonia (10 %)

FAM Testfuel


Gearbox oil

Hydraulic oil

Brake fluid DOT4

Cold cleaning solvent



For wiping off the yellow exhaust stains, I use pure orange oil. Works very well.


Greetings from Germany




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