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Tecnam P2008 for Sale


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post-113-0-53304400-1334773979_thumb.jpgMy new Demo Tecnam P2008 is getting the final avionics installed and so I am actively trying to sell my current P2008 for $127,500. Plane has 200 hrs and has always been hangared. No damage ever. plane looks as new.Please contact me at gregorma@bevcomm.net.




Worldwide Tecnam is the largest producer of LSA's and has a long aviation history. The P2008 is their flagship model and has alot of features not usually found on LSA's.


1. Leather seats that slide back and forth automotive rail style and also recline. Well padded and comfortable seats for long flights.


2. Large 47 inch wide cabin with doors that open with automotive style latches. Cabin is well sealed and air tight. Lots of room behind the seats. Fully carpeted and trimmed automotive like interior. Opposite of the skycatcher.


3. Dual 15 gallon wing fuel tanks placed behind the spar for safety. Tanks have accurate dual electric fuel gauges in the panel with andair fuel selector.


4. Toe brakes with stainless steel braided brake lines.


5. Electric flaps and trim.


6. AOA stall warning with LED panel indicator and audio stall alert through the headsets.


7. Very robust nosegear with oleo strut suspension.


8. Balanced flight controls in all axis that center after release. Very cessna 172 like. Handles turbulance very well for a light plane. Tecnam says this is due to their unique stabilator tail and the metal wing design. True 120 knot cruise speed with sensenich three blade prop.


9. Dual G3X avionics with synthetic vision. Integrated Trio auto pilot. Garmin GTX330 transponder that displys traffic on the G3X. Full nightime lighting package.


10. The best cabin venting I have ever experienced in any plane.


11. Engine cowling opens easily, no bolts or screws to remove.


I have flown most of the popular LSA's and this one is by far my favorite. Aviation Consumer tested the P2008 and also named it the best LSA. Now with new Tecnam demo pricing I believe Tecnam will do very well. The plane has always been hangered and looks new. No damage or repairs just regular servicing.





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