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Pix of iPad mounted

NC Bill

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Here's a pix of my iPad mounted to the side window with a RAM suction mount.


It amazed me how easy it is to mount and dismount, and adjust the tablet's position to a sweet spot. So easy that I've begun to just uninstall after each flight. I was pleasantly surprised how little it impacts vision outside the cockpit. I don't notice any.


For those using ForeFlight with it's recent v4.4 release, it now has a DOCUMENTS tab which allows you to store .PDF files (just like iBOOKS). I've put my checklists and a/c data charts (speeds, EMS limits, W&B, etc) on there and now use the iPad for my checklists too.


So include ForeFlight's SCRATCH PAD tab and I no longer use a knee board. Everything's digital.


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The nice thing about going to Sporty's is that you can take items out to your plane and try them out. I ended up with the suction mount and tried several locations. ended up on the door window as does not block view or airflow in window.Bill,by your pic,looks like we are in the same location. Glare is sometimes a problem.

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