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JPI Fuel Scan FS-450

Russell Croman

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Hi guys,


My '06 CTSW has the "classic" instrument panel with analog gauges... no Dynon. There is a blank cutout in the panel into which a JPI FuelScan FS-450 would fit rather nicely. Has anyone installed one of these in a CT? I am wondering two things:


I am confused on the "Rotax" version because it mentions two transducers and pressurized carburetors. I figured I would only need one transducer since there is a single fuel line running behind the instrument panel, and the Rotax 912 carbs are not pressurized as I understand it.






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Hi Russ,


There is no LOA for this particular flow meter. You would need to file one. The reason for the two transducers in that Rotax has a re-circulation line that some people use to go back to a wing tank. Our re-circulation line goes back into the top of the gascolator. So long as you put the transducer before the gascolator like most of us have with a Dynon then you could use just one. Here is the one many use:


FD now uses this too.

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