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Oil Change drip tray

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No more oil in the radiator or stuffing rags under the filter in the hopes of keeping the radiator oil free. here is an easy oil drip tray to make. Just use a piece of thin 12" long aluminum. Cut it out like you see in the picture. Use a can to roll it and put a slight curvature to it. Then bend up the end and cut a small notch out of the turned up end. This lip will now hook up under the oil mount on the engine case and just sit there. When you take off the filter the oil drains away from the engine and into a pan. You can see by my paw that the curvature does not need to be a lot and the bent up end I'm pointing at is only about 1/4". This works very well.

oil drip tray 5.jpg

oil drip tray 3.jpg

oil drip tray 4.jpg

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