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Hose change, CPS and Safety

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Dear Flight Design CTSW and CT2K owner:


We are following up with more information regarding a Service Difficulty Report sent on last Thursday about fuel line shipped with CPS (California Power Systems) kits for compliance with the Rotax 5 year rubber part replacement requirement.


After discussions with CPS who worked with their supplier, the mechanics where the problem occurred and carefully reviewing the information we were provided, we believe that the contamination was an isolated incident not specifically related to the type of fuel line sold by CPS.


As a precaution we do recommend that anyone that has done a rubber component replacement in compliance with the Rotax requirement, inspect the gascolator screen and the float bowls of the carburetors on their engine prior to their next flight. In addition, CPS will now offer a separate rubber replacement kits using only Rotax specified parts and materials as an option for SLSA aircraft. Flight Design may soon issue more specific guidelines for compliance with the Rotax replacement. Flight Design USA has in stock OEM replacement fuel line as well.


I regret any inconvenience that this event and our subsequent letter caused anyone. We were acting with the best intentions to provide immediate safety information on a potentially very serious subject.


If you have any further questions regarding this subject, please contact Dave Armando at 860-963-7272 or topservice@flightdesignusa.com

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