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Replace my Skymap 3c with a Flat panel GPS with weather


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I have the skymap 3c in my CT im ready to upgrade it to soemthing that has weather.

I have never understood why everyone liked the garmins with the little screens.

In the remos i use to have it had a avmap which had a big screen and the skymap 3c has a nice screen as well.

I have the ct autopilot so im wondering what i can replace my skymap with?

Im Experimental so i dont care about Fd, but i do want all my equipment to work.

Also i dont want to spend 13k for some of the nice flat panel garmins.....


I thought about the ipads etc but i like the nice clean flat panel type mount.


Any ideas?



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Several options 7" screen options:

  • IFly 720 - great reviews, great support and $69/year subscription for maps. ADS-B through an external device. Air gizmo mount in the works. Probably around $1800 for everything but weather is free!
  • Garmin 696 - can probably be had for $1500. Expensive to keep maps updated. XM weather at around $50/month and up.
  • Garmin 796 - around $2400. Same map and weather costs as the 696.

Rumor has it that Garmin will have an ADS-B solution this year. Might be a good idea to wait a couple months and see.

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The Garmin's are installed in many LSAs and are driving APs. I know iFly outputs the right information and am aware of a couple installations that are driving Dynon APs. I would suggest calling iFly to verify. Both the Garmin and iFly are a bit bigger than the Skymap with the Garmin being around 2" longer and 0.5" wider. iFly looks to be about an inch longer and the same width. Got no idea if either of these would easily fit in your panel or require major surgery.

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