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Arlighton WA Fly in

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Hi everyone. I flew our CTLS 600 miles to Arlington Washington fly in July 12th-15th. What a great destination to fly! The mountains are incredible! The Puget Sound is beautiful. The people were super friendly. The food was great. The folks at Aircore Aviation welcomed me into their group of aviators and light sport friends. I had a great time! Jim Scott, Scott Zumwalt and Jerry Platt made sure I did not feel left out and were happy to get Flight Design involved in their neck of the woods. We had our own runway, tower and group section where all of the sport aviators hung out. I had the opportunity to perform an airshow for the crowd! After that I was super busy answering questions and giving demo rides. They have some nearby mountain passes where you can fly at 3000 feet and see some spectacular sights. I highly recommend Aircore Aviation for all of your maintenance needs and a friendly place to drop in and visit. The CTLS was a joy to fly. The situational awareness of the Dynon Skyview gave me the confidence when the weather was closing in. I can't wait to go back with friends. See you Soon! Ron

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