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10 % fuel discounts

Tad Olmsted

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I anounced to everyone that I had moved to Winter Haven, Florida and it would bring better saving to all of my customers... well here it is!


10 % fuel discounts will start immeidiately when you schedule your annual inspection with me. This is good for the entire year, no matter how much fuel you burn, and is currently at $0.56 per gallon off the normal price. You can schedule your inspection now with a $300 deposit (which is refundable) and start your savings now. This is good for up to 4 months out. If for some reason when it is time and you can't make it, I will refund your deposit.


I work on light sport and all general aviation airplanes specializing in structural repair and restoration. We have a fairly new FBO with a great resturant and I can even give you or a friend a $0.30 per gallon fuel discount just for dropping in for a hamburger. So bring a friend and come check me out at Gilbert Field (KGIF).


I now offer altimeter and transponder recertification. I am scheduling my next batch for Sept 14. I want to start a monthly block where I can get a bunch done at once, this will also bring saving when I bundle them together.


Mode C VRF is $ 75.00

Mode C IFR is $150.00

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