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BiAnnual Flight Check


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Is it required for me to get an FAA Bi-Annual Flight Check...




But it's classified as a "Review", not as any sort of "test" or "check".


As such, you cannot fail one - if the instructor does not feel you performed adequately, it is just another dual flight - he cannot make any notation of "failure" or "inadequacy".


BTW, it MUST include at least an hour of ground instruction.

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The reg requires one cover specific aspects of Part 91. In the air, I always ask the pilot if there is anything special they'd like to work on. In the last few years, the FAA has produced some suggestions on ow to conduct the flight review but they are not mandattory yet.





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Umm...shouldn't that be "lose" instead of "loose"?


Yes. Done intentionally for comic effect - hence the emoticon.


A pet peeve.


The proper use is so obvious to me I'm perplexed when it gets misused all the time.


Today may have set a new record - the very first post I read (on another site) contained this:


In Europe if you sue and you loose - you PAY for the other sides costs.


It happens so often I find myself stumbling on it, even when used properly! :mad:

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