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GPS course lines do not agree

Ed Cesnalis

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It is a view thing.


View on my Garmin is track up so if I am maintaining course the line is strait up.


View on my BMA is view up and if there is no cross wind it looks the same as the Garmin when maintaining course the line is strait up but since the same unit has IAS it can and does calculate and display winds with an arrow and crab angle by rotating when view and track become different.




So If I am flying south with a west wind and I'm on course my course line will go off to the left because me nose is pointed right as I crab.

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Are these 2 different GPS units with separate antennas and screens? Then I have no idea. :wacko: Bad plumbing? GPS interference? Faulty equipment?


If instead you mean you're getting 2 course needles on the DYNON screen to point in different directions, then the different needles are probably set to different GPS inputs (and different destinations).

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