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Newer Rotax carb drip trays - Cracks

Roger Lee

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The CTSW's from 2005 until FD started using the Rotax airbox on the LS's would develop cracks on the carb drip trays at the screw attachment points. Too small a screw for the high vibration attachment. These were from FD. I introduced a fix about 5.5 years ago and it has an LOA.


Now the LS models with the Rotax airbox and the more rectangular type drip trays are cracking too from the top edge down past and around the screw holes. They eventually break completely off once it gets started. I have seen several now. The problem just like the SW is people using little screws and washers in a high vibration areas. The fix is to remove drip tray and use a piece of metal about 1" across by 1.5" tall that will cover the entire area where the screws mount to give this area plenty of support and remove their stress point on the tray and to spread the area affected outward away from the screw holes. After the tray is removed just use it as a template to drill two new holes in your metal plate. This should remove any issues with cracks.


If it is too late or you don't want to do the fix here is the Rotax part number and price for the new trays. They are a set. 874-680, $197.64



Better to go to Ace Aviation and buy $2 worth of steel and take about 40 min. for the fix.

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