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Is Your Aircraft Talking To You? Listen!


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The National Transportation Safety Board's first of five "video safety alerts" on GA safety was posted to the agency's YouTube channel this week, titled "Is Your Aircraft Talking to You? Listen!"




I can relate ... I had a loose coolant hose with a CHT temperature fluctuating between green and yellow on my CTLS. Decided to put it down at a nearby airport rather than continue on for 20 minutes to my home base. Turns out the coolant hose came completely detached when I tried to tighten it up on the ground, so apparently it was just hanging there by a thread. Yes, it was a pain to take a taxi home, but I'm here to tell about it.



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From the Lightspeed web site:


"With the ANR on, can I still hear my engine?


The noise we're canceling with the ANR circuitry are low frequency propeller, exhaust and wind noise that register at about 100Hz in the cockpit noise spectrum. True engine noise is higher up the spectrum, and believe it or not, you will more likely hear the engine better."


From my own experience, I agree with this.

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