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Ailerons And Flaps

Jim Meade

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I did a very informal test today of how the ailerons displace as the flaps are extended. First, I balanced or evened up the ailerons and reflexed the flaps. I held a piece of wood up under the wing tip at the outboard edge of the aileron. I made a mark where the aileron was at -6 and then as the flaps were stepped through each extension I marked the wood again where the flap stopped.


It seemed to me that the aileron extended the most at first and the least when going from 30° to 40°. That last step was only about 1/8 or 3/15". The movement between 0° and 15° was about 1/2".


The reason for my interest was curiosity as to how much aileron deflection and therefore different pilot input was happening betweeh 30° and 40° flaps.


Maybe someone knows the formula or method by which the aileron deflection occurs.


My conclusion was that I would not expect very much different aileron feel between 30° and 40° due to aileron relocation. Any difference in aileron response would seem to me to be more likely due to pitch attitude, AOA and flap settings.


What do you think?



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