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Look what I found in my hangar...


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I am now the proud owner of 2007 CTSW N509CT. My first airplane purchase, and honestly I think I did really well. The airplane has only 117hrs total time, including the 1100 mile trip to Georgia from Nebraska. It looks almost brand new. Rubber replacement done in 2012, and the chute repack, annual and Rotax 100hr were all done within the past two weeks by Aerovations in Longmont, CO. Wings have been pulled at that time and the sight tubes are fresh.


And a shout out here to Ed Babovec of Aerovations in Longmont Colorado. He has done the maintenance, worked the deal for the owner, answered all of my questions, and delivered the airplane to me, bending over backwards the whole time to make sure everything was done right and to my satisfaction. He is a class act all around and I highly recommend anybody looking for maintenance on any airplane in that area look him up.


Now...what battery tender/minder/charger do I need to leave on this thing to keep the battery happy?

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Some more newbie owner questions:


1) Where can I order a couple of oil filters to keep on hand for oil changes? I want to use the Rotax approved filters.


2) What coolant is recommended? I have seen reference to premixed (Evans?) coolant, and using 50/50 mix, with distilled water I'm guessing. Pros and cons? For the 50/50, which coolant is preferred to mix? Keep in mind I'm in Georgia, it gets very hot and humid here, but rarely much below freezing even in the dead of winter.


3) I already asked, but I also need to get a battery charger/minder/tender that I can leave on so my battery stays topped off. Which ones are compatible with the CT?


4) Hornets nest here, but cleaning products? I need:

A ) something for general washing, neutral PH

B ) something for clearing bug guts and oil off

C ) something for cleaning windows


5) is there anything else I need to have on hand for general maintenance or that just makes life easier?



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Micro fiber towels and some plastic/rubber buckets

Tire pressure tester. Maybe buy one of those cheap air compressors if you wish.

LPS1 and LPS2 for lubing

Silicon spray

Brake cleaner in spray can

Good extension cord of sufficient length

Trouble lights or other light source

Towels or cardboard to set the cowling on when you take it off

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Congratulations on a great plane (I fly a 2006 CTsw)


I use a Battery Tender float charger. They make several models that work for the battery in my CTsw. I use the waterproof model.


For coolant, I run Dexcool 50-50.


Aviation Consumer recently rated windshield cleaners. I don't remember the brand they recommend (its in my hangar), but I got some and it works well.


I use Composiclean pH neutral cleaners. They also sell non-neutral products. Be sure to read their recommendations carefully.

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Composiclean is good stuff. They make a polish which I only use once in a while, a wash detergent which I have never used, and their spray wax which is used all the time. Oil eater to clean the belly.


Evans requires you purge your engine of water. You don't mix it with anything, and you will run hotter. Most of us use 50/50 dexcool - any good brand works.


I've used lemon pledge and/or waterless car wash on many planes for many years with never a problem. Six years on my CT.


My oil filters usually come from CPS and I got a float charger from Lockwood 6 years ago which is on whenever the plane is home which is where it usually is. On trips I don't use it.

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Congrats Andy, you done good!

Battery Tender... I've had my CTsw for 5 yrs... never had a battery problem and never used a charger/tender once. Oh, I have one, but the two times I put it on, within seconds it went from red to green (indicating fully charged)... so I took it off. 'Just saying you don't HAVE to use one, just cause you have it. (I have a Battery Tender, JR I think)


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I use a NOCO smart charger on the AGM setting. Lemon Pledge for cleaning the windows. A spray bottle and soft cotton towels to clean the bugs. (I use Meguires Cleaner Wax twice a year - makes cleaning bugs much easier.)

I use 5 gal. Tuff Jugs to fuel the plane.

Oh, and you will need a ladder for some cleaning and probably fueling.

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For the plexiglas...


I used Lemon Pledge for literally decades and still do in a pinch.


But someone mentioned Turtle Wax Ice Detailer, and it's just better.




Both leave the plexiglas clean, but the Ice product wipes off more easily.


I've got some in my hangar (along with some other product selections) and you're welcome to try it out if you fly over one day.


Oh, and with plexiglas always flush off with water first, use clean soft rags and wipe in a straight line - never in a circular motion.

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I use the microfiber cloths. I wash them and they go right into a gallon zip lock bag to keep all dust off. It's a one time use and then back in the wash. I use a product called 210. I have used it for many years and use it on my Honda Goldwing. It polishes and cleans and is easy to remove once sprayed on. I have tried other plexi products, but many are to hard to get off, leave a film or don't polish out small scratches when you use it. After 7 years my CT glass looks brand new. 210 makes a plexi polish/cleaner and a really nice

polish - scratch remover. You can get it from Aircraft Spruce or Amazon.


There are many products out there. Your only trouble will be to pick on.

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Congratulations! I'm attaching a pic of my "pimped out T-Hangar" to inspire your man cave creativity! Also some links that might be useful. Found in my hangar are many things potentially needed from time to time...


Gap Seal Tape http://www.cumulus-s...ng.com/tape.htm (to seal wing roots, wheel fairings, stabilator trim tab, empennage)


Shell AeroSport 4 Oil http://oilstore.stor...erpisenoil.html the cheapest but you can also check Lockwood or CPS or Aircraft Spruce


For that matter, between Lockwood, CPS and Aircraft Spruce you can buy virtually anything you need (oil, spark plugs, composite cleaners, composite wax, coolant etc).


For airframe cleaning I use Simple Green http://www.aircrafts...p?clickkey=6888

For light waxing I use ComposiClean Super Spray Wax http://www.aircrafts...clickkey=209541


On a battery tender... If you fly frequently and are up in the air for sufficient time to keep charged you most likely don't need to use one. I have periods where I may be busy at work and not flying for a month at a time so I tend to keep mine on a tender 24 x 7. Not all tenders are the same. Depending on your battery type (guessing its an Odyssey PC-310) be sure to get one that works with the type of battery you have (PC310 is an AGM - Absorbed Glass Mat type battery that should have an AGM charger). Here is a deluxe charger (you can get by with cheaper) http://www.batteryma...ry-charger.html


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Hi Adam,


Next time you need to buy an airframe oily grime cleaner / degreaser try "Oil Eater". I think you'll like it better than Simple Green. It cuts the oily grime quick and the oily grime will actually start to run off before you can wipe it off. Don't use this to clean the entire plane just spot areas like the belly or any other oily or greasy area.

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