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Wind makes it easier

Ed Cesnalis

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We have heard many times recently what a problem wind is. We have been advised that we need extra speed for crosswinds not just gusts. Its time to set the record strait, wind makes it easier, calm is not your best friend.


...when it comes to landing the CT, you will want to learn the safest way to do it especially when there is wind involved. the CT is really almost a powered glider, and it requires a lot more finesse and feel to learn to land it correctly...


When we speak of wind we talk about direction and velocity. When things get nasty we also hear about gust factor and headings variable from x to y. Wind makes landings ( and takeoffs ) easier in most cases depending on the nature of the wind.


Nothing is easier than a landing with a 15kt+ laminar flow wind on your nose yet nothing is harder than landing in wind sheer where big rapid deflections and big throttle adjustments are needed especially when the wind snaps behind your wing.




Summertime calm wind conditions, especially in the west with thermals and dust devils active present real landing challenges. Final approaches where I cannot descend until I finally fall out of the thermal result in 30° nose low approaches. When the wind comes up the thermals tend to move along and not stand guard on short final.


When lift and sink are abundant and winds are calm I often fly to the runway maneuvering my descent as necessary and upon arrival above the runway I then look to 'normalize' my sight picture and land.

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