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Midwest LSA Expo 5-7 Sep 2013 Mount Vernon, IL

Jim Meade

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I plan to attend the Mount Vernon, IL LSA Expo 5-7 Sep 13. It's Thursday through Saturday.






I've been to several of the recent expos. It is not a big event, but it is friendly. It's a nice airport with good facilities. I think it is worth the trip.


It would be fun to meet some of you there. Would anyone like to meet up? What day and time? I'm pretty flexible.



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I'll almost certainly be flying. If weather prevents flying I'd like not go, as it's about a 2 hour flight but would be about a 4-5 hour drive. This is a classic case of flying at an angle to all the road networks and really makes the trip faster.

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FredG and I flew down Friday for a few hours and really enjoyed it. We saw Tom Baker there and had a very nice chat. There were two CTs at his tent and four more that flew in that day. Met Ted Carlson there and a couple of guys I went to school with a couple of years ago.

The Carbon Cub and Just planes wowed everyone with their STOL capabilities. There was a single seat turbine powered helicopter that was paint in "Orange County" floursecnet colors. :)

Duane Jetts was there but I missed him. Missed Mark MN, too, darn it. I'd have liked to have met both. Dan Johnson was there but I didn't meet him, either.

LEAF was represented, as was Wicks. A number of nice LSA there. All in all, a very nice flight down and a very nice event. I'll go next year, as well.

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Dan Johnson flew a CTLSi up from Fla. Said 4.1gph at 120 mph. Pretty impressive.


He also gave a seminar on LSA. Lots of charts and graphs. If you went to the seminar with any inclination of taking up flight instruction, he was very convincing going the Light Sport route over the private pilot.


Great way to compare the LSA. Did not see anything to compare to the CT though. The carbon cub was 930 pounds and 7.5 gph at 105kts and well over $200.000 as equipped. Great performance though.


Sorry I missed you Jim. By the time Tom Baker told me you were there, you were gone.

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I somehow missed Jims original post or I would have made a point to meet up with him again.


I did get a chance to speak with Tom Baker and had a nice conversation.


I had a flat nose wheel tire on Friday afternoon while giving a demo. I was waiting my turn for takeoff and when it was time to go I throttled up a bit and the plane didn't move. Seeing the engine RPM at 3000 with no go I had no idea what the problem was. I got out to look things over and noticed the nose wheel had gone flat while we were waiting. Better than in the air! I have landed with flat nose wheels on the tecnam before and you can mess up the wheel pant.

About that time a guy flew in to finalize the purchase of a turbo P2008 so the plane sat on the side of the taxiway for a while. I was the only one from Tecnam there this year but as others have said the show was more active this year and we will need more than myself next year. I gave at least 10 rides to serious buyers, that's a lot more than last year.

Next year Lets try to set up a get together again.



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