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Dynon AP


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Just curious if anyone besides me has the Dynon AP?


I bought my plane with dual Dynon D100s in 2007 and waited very patiently for them to release their AP. Didn't see the point of yet another device on the panel. The D100 controls everything. Had the AP for just short of a year and have no complaints. Also a fraction of the cost of TT.

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I want one.

Hi s3flyer: Nice to know one member has the dynon Ap installed. i would have the same qstion . How did you solve the servo installation. Maybe sime pictures would be nice. Im thinking in switching to the skyview and it would be a nice thing to have the integrated Ap with it. Has anyone installed skyview yet? I would also like to know what exactly I will have to order.

Thank you.

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Don't think pictures are going to help. I have a Sting S3 (hence my login name) which comes with the brackets for a TT already installed. The Dynon servos are mechanically compatible with the TT so they fit without modification. I believe this is one reason TT no longer sells their installation kits without the servos.

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Best contact Dynon but pulled the below from the Dynon Wiki:


Is the Dynon AP compatible with TruTrak's servos?

Electrically, no. Mechanically, yes. As TruTrak is the market leader, Dynon designed their servos to be mechanically similar for customers that would like to add a Dynon Autopilot to an aircraft that has previously had a TruTrak AP installed. Dynon's servos are cheaper, lighter, and smarter than competing servos.


Dynon offers servo installation kits for a number of aircraft, as well as a generic kit - see the Dynon Online Store for details.


Because our servos are mechanically similar to TruTrak's, we may be able to provide an autopilot solution for your airplane if there is a TruTrak servo configuration that is known to work in your type of aircraft. However, PLEASE DO NOT CALL TruTrak for advice on servo configuration if you intend to install a Dynon AP. DO seek out fellow builders of your aircraft type for this type of configuration information. Feel free to post questions to our forum and post results and relevant information to the Servo Application Guide.

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So S3 for what I understand, if I have already a TT autopilot it would be a plug and play. Peefect them.


They are not quite plug and play, I managed to get set of TT brackets for my SW but the roll servo arrangement proved to be a problem. The dynon servo output shafts are longer then the TTs so the placement of the roll servo causes interference. I have not yet looked into a cap stand output arm for the dynon, I think they have one but the length of the output shaft will still force the servo to have to be placed further aft. Now if I remember right, you have a CTLS correct Angel, so if you contact John at Sebring in Florida they had installed a dynon ap in an LS which has a different roll servo mount so Im sure they could help you out.

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I traded mail with coppercity in the past about a Dynon AP. Based upon his issues, I decided to add the approved TruTrak.

I got the FD pilot kit for CTSW from Stein Air, plus the appropriate 25 ft servo wire and pushbutton. Issues arose -

FDUSA sent me the prints, and composite work was required to re-inforce under pitch and roll servo mounts.

A custom cover is needed over the pitch servo, FDUSA had those.

The repair station had to order 6mm tubing and manifolds from FDUSA to fan out the pitot and static plumbing.

( I have D100, backup airspeed & alt, and blind encoder)

1/8" npt to 1/4" hose barbs worked for 6mm tubing into the TruTrak controller.

I had to get a custom LOA for the installation, despite it being the factory approved type.


After those mechanical issues, the electrical installation was easier.On first preflight, I found the

pitch servo stops were being hit with full stick motion, so those were adjusted to let the airframe stops be hit first.

I look forward to the first long distance flight being less tiring now .


The roll servo does have to fit in a small space. They put on a capstan and wire to a small piece of aluminum channel to

replace the lever arm. The channel has a threaded hole, and a rod end connects to the aileron mechanism. This is the

special torque adapter that makes the FD pilot different from a Digiflite II. That and the vertical mount and "FD" marking.


This work was done by BSR Avionics at Northampton, MA . 7B2 airport. These are good folks for CT issues.

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FYI -- from the Dynon Support Forum:


CTSW autopilot aileron actuator mounting brackets

Oct 15th, 2010, 10:22am Quote We need to fit an SV42 actuator to the ROLL/AILERON drive on our Flight Design CTSW aircraft.

Is there a ready-made mounting bracket or otherwise photos/drawings of one please?


Dynon Support:


There isn't, though there are brackets about to be available for the CTLS that can only be bought by Flight Design and their authorized reps. However, note that all modifications to US-based SLSA aircraft need to be approved by Flight Design to be legal, so you're going to want to start with them anyway for autopilot suitability in the CTSW.


Looks like aftermarket CTLS will be doable in the near future. Hard to say if this equates to the CTSW.

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Good-day All!

I went from an SW with TT system, which worked without a complaint, a real joy, to an ELSA RANS S-19 with Dynons and Dynon AP controller, and Servos.......what a pain to configure settings for pitch and roll sensitivities....Anyone else go through configuration challenges? Anyone have any settings which work without hunting or lazing around.....???:wacko:


Thanks Doug in IL

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Being in the software biz, I'm a firm believer in upgrading only when you need/want the features/bug fixes included. 5.4.2 fixed a bug for very low IAS and 5.4.3 was an EMS-only release. I don't have a D120 so I'll just wait until the next upgrade.

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Hi Doug,

Skyview or D100? And what software version? And what Issues are you seeing?

I've got the D100 in my Sting and the AP works great on version 5.4.



Hey Dave,


D100, AP74 controller, Garmin GDU375/the panel mount version of a 696.......Problem is AP seems not to lock on to a heading and same for Altitude....I've monkeying with the config sensitivity settings, perhaps making too great of changes, but surprised how doesn't firmly lock on to a heading or altitude....so it must be those settings.....and they have a wide range 10-25 etc...I guess one has to experiment a couple value points at a time.....In that I fly infrequently it's turning into a drawn out frustrating evolution....So, was wondering what settings work for you Dave and maybe that would be worth a try for me.....Instead of trial and error. Did yours work out of the box or was there an adjustment period? I'm using v5.4. Thanks Doug

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It took a couple flights to get the roll servo where I wanted it but the altitude worked out of the box. Out of the box means it worked without changes when I picked it up from my Dynon authorized reseller/mechanic. rolleyes.gif

I'm traveling this week but will be home this weekend. I'll post my settings then to give you a starting point.


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Here are my settings:


Roll - Torque: 100, Sensitivity: 12, TRN RT LMT: 0, Bank Limit: 30


Pitch - Torque: 100, Sensitivity: 10, Airspeed Min: 49, Airspeed Max: 156, VSPD Max: 500, ALT Gain: 6, VSI Gain: 15, Pull Rate: 10, G Err Gain: 10, G Err Limit: 25


Pitch is all defaults other than Airspeed Min/Max which were defaulted based D100 entered V speeds. I did tweak the Roll settings.


Hope this helps.

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I seriously attempted to put a Dynon AP in my 2006 CTSW., but ultimately went with TruTrak.

Issues -


1) While mounting holes matched between servos, height did not. Roll servo would not fit.

Roll has a special 'torque enhancer', using a cable wheel to a piece of aluminum track.


2) pitch might have fit, did not study extensively.


3) FD would *never* grant an LOA for Dynon per my discussions.


Even adding the Trutrak to the aircraft required an LOA when we used factory manuals and prints.

Since the AP was not factory installed, bolstering of the composite structure was required both under

the pilot seat for pitch servo, and in the tunnel for the roll servo. Overall, it was a bigger project

than I anticipated. The work was done at a repair station, familiar with other APs.


Funny how 'options' are hard to add in the field. Just try to put a D100 magnetometer in the wing...


I have a list of the Trutrak programming somewhere. Largely went with factory defaults.

but put Min AS 60, Max AS 120.

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