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FAA announcment on Rotax Training

Roger Lee

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03e979e.jpg From Carol Carpenter of Rainbow Aviation:



NEW FAA Interpretation for ROTAX Training Requirements

The FAA is releasing their interpretation of the requirements for a FAA technician to service and maintain Rotax engines. This document is in the process of being released and I will provide a link when it is published: it will say that a technician must be trained to work on a Rotax but that training may be provide by an independent party. For example, an A & P could train another A & P. Additionally, no recurrent training is required.

You must have been trained, but that training does not have to be a Rotax Factory Approved program.

Rotax has told me they will not list anyone on their site who is not trained and not current (their two year requirement) And they will not pay any warranty work to a technician who does not take their factory approved training. They, of course, are not happy with this new stance by the FAA and are in various stages of discussions with EAA and the FAA.




If an A&P trains another A&P, then who trained the first one?


Great ideology FAA. Rotax tech info being passed on from one dummy to the other, so the dumb cycle never gets broken.






I can see this will be subject to change in the future.




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Posted from another site:



Carol Carpenter • Actually, according to the FAA, even the manufacturer's of SLSAs can not mandate recurrent training. Rotax is in the process of challenging this FAA Interpretation. The predicted interpretation is that you could offer training on the Rotax Engine- any LSRM who has received training can give it. But this is not over yet.

I will keep you posted. Rotax is saying it is their legal opinion that the ASTM compliance is invalid if it is not maintained by a Rotax qualified technician, period. They say- "The issue is that we cant have the FAA make a statement that is contrary to the declaration of compliance. In our opinion the FAA would then by default be somehow libel, for they are stating that the A&P is qualified by the allowance."

It is an issue that Rotax will discuss with FAA staff at the highest level. The time frame I have been given is Oct 20th for the results of this discuss.

Now even if this all stands: Clyde brings up an important point- Rotax will still control the Rotax Service Center and who they list on their site as Rotax Approved Mechanics.

I agree the warranty work is a non issue.

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Hi Eric,


Carol, I and others are already discussing this on another forum. For one thing Rotax will not warranty any engine if anyone not authorized through them works on the engine. If that happens you will loose your warranty. make sure for the first 12-18 months you have an authorized Rotax mechanic work on your plane. FAA has nothing to say about this issue. This has far more reach and hidden issues than most even know. It may be changed, but it is a wait and see game now.

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