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Going beyond calendar year TBO

Roger Lee

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Posted by Bob from another forum:



Going beyond calendar year TBO?

It seems that few, if any, people pay much attention to exceeding the calendar year TBO recommendations of Lycoming and Continental. Is there anything particular about the Rotax 912 that make it important to not exceed the calendar year TBO of 10, 12, or 15 years? Thanks,




The answer is:

The TBO is set in TTSN hours from the Hobbs or by the time. Exceeding either of these for an SLSA with a Rotax would put it out of airworthy. Some of you are either 12 years / 1500 hrs or 15 years / 2000 hrs.


If you have the 2000 hr. TBO then this works out to 133 hrs. a year if it were spread out over the full 15 yrs. If you have the 1500 hr. TBO then that would equal 100 hrs. per year if you divided it out equally.


I wouldn't sweat it too bad yet who knows what may change.

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Comparing Apples to Oranges when it comes to preheating and engine longevity. Lyc specified a temp when preheating was recommended and flying clubs upped the ante to avoiding accelerated wear caused by cold season starting...What about ROTAX? I haven't seen it in the FD/ROTAX operating manuals. Is there such a temp??

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Hi Dick,


There is nothing in print from Rotax or FD about a temp that an engine should be pre-heated to before the start up. Of course we all know that cold starts are harder on an engine than a warm start up. The Reiff pre-heat system was designed for a wet sump engine and it is marginal at best. The best Rotax engine pre-heat system ion the market right now and approved by FD is the Tanis Engine pre-heat system. I have talked to the people that I did installs for last winter and they all have good things to say and think it was worth the money. It is literally night and day difference on start up. the Tanis does a complete engine warming and the Reiff a marginal one. The Tanis was designed with the Rotax in mind the Reiff was just adapted and falls short of a full engine heating.


The video on the ROAN website kind of says it all.

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