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CTSW flipped at Fullerton today

Roger Fane

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News reports, as usual, are all over the place. One stated the "engine stalled"... but most said, on the last of 3 attempts, it was affected by a gust, that caused it to go off runway, catch the nose gear, and flip. Winds looks to have been 5-7 kts from the South around noon today, when it happened.

'Glad to hear it was injury-free.


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Question: Is a prop strike/stop event on a ROTAX the same in terms of must tear down and inspect for internal damage as in other GA recip engines?


Not if the gear box clutch worked correctly. I believe the gear box will need to be pulled and inspected in order to determine if further concern is needed. I know of one CT that had a prop strike that tore the prop to the stubs. The engine was still running afterwards and had to be turned off with the key.

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