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Foam Trim on Flaps Coming Off


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  • 2 years later...

Mine's coming off on one side. Question is, why is it there?  

It was hanging more than half-way off (again) after I landed this morning (and I didn't crash or anything 😉).  I'd previously fixed it by using some double-sided tape (yeah, I know, not as good as glue).

At this point it's pretty compressed and mangled, so I tore it out.  I figure if it's a necessary item, it'll be easy enough to glue more of the same kind of foam in there.

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First pic is the left inside of the flap at 30 degrees. You can see the strip of black foam inside.  The second pic is the right side without the foam.  I replaced the foam by cutting a similar-sized strip from a foam camping mat and adhered it with a smidge of spray adhesive on the contact side of the foam. Time will tell if it stays put.  BTW, I went for a short flight beforehand, without the foam, and noticed I was one knot slower. It's true! 😇





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