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ROTAX Maintenance spec cheat sheet?


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I'm about ready to start the annual inspection on my ROTAX 912-powered Sky Arrow.


Rather than have to search for things as they come up, I was going to put together a "cheat sheet" of specs I'll need while working. Things like spark plug torque and gap, magnetic plug torque, things like that.


Before I start gathering this data from my .pdf manuals, has anyone already condensed them into a simpler form?


If not, I'll try to and then post a .pdf file when I'm done.


In addition, I think I saw a simplified, step-by-step oil change procedure posted here by someone (Roger?). I don't see it now and wouldn't mind being pointed to it so I can print it out.



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The oil change is easy. This is assuming you are not opening up the oil tank for cleaning:


1. remove the oil tank cap and rotate the prop to burb the sump. No need to warm the oil first like in your car.

2. drain the oil from the tank. Do not turn the prop after this step, until you get to step 13.

3. prepare the new filter by filling it with oil and lubricating the gasket with clean oil

4. stuff rags under the old oil filter to catch any spill

5. remove the old oil filter with a filter wrench or large channel lock

6. quickly spin on the new filter and hand tighten

7. remove the rags and clean up any drips

8. tighten the cleaned new filter by clean hands as hard as physically possible. With normal strength, that's about the right torque.

9. remove the magnetic drain plug and check it. Catch and clean any drips with rags stationed below the plug.

10. reinstall and safety wire the magnetic plug and the oil drain plug in the oil tank.

11. fill the oil tank with 3 quarts of the proper oil

12. secure the landing light wires so they won't get in trouble when you run the engine without the cowling on

13. run the engine, watching for oil pressure on startup, until the temps are up to operating levels

14. shut down and check everywhere for oil leaks

15. recheck the tightness of the oil filter, snug it up and add a strip of torque paint so you can see if it slips later

16. cowl her up. Don't forget to reattach the landing light wires.



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I finished my Annual back in December. About 2 1/2 days with a helper to do everything, and a total cost of about $70 not including our time (of no value, of course). The cost was for oil, filter and oil analysis kit. The plugs were fairly fresh, so I just cleaned and gapped them.


This was the cheat sheet I came up with:




I'll take a closer look at yours later. Remember this is for a Sky Arrow, so the landing gear bolt torque is for that plane. So far the only differences I've noticed is that I have no landing light wires involved and I tighten to oil filter 3/4 turn after gasket contact.

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