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What's the best hand held com/nav devise under $400?


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I've been happy with the Yaesu/Vertex 220 (now updated to Yaesu FTA-230).  

It can be found everywhere for less than $200.

'comes with charger and NiMh battery pack, alkaline battery case, headset adapter, cigarette lighter adapter, belt clip.

Loud, water resistant.  


I wish it had a Lithium Ion battery, but the HiMh works great if you keep it charged up, and the alkaline battery pack could be used with Energizer Lithium batteries if you wanted it to last forever.


All units are complicated and have poor/complicated interfaces, but that's what you get with all those features.


I often wonder why the aviation radios cost as much as they do, when ham handheld units with serious features and power can be purchased for less than $75, and even down below $30.  Baofeng has some interesting units, but no aviation band stuff, as far as I can tell.

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