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10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in


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Annual 2017 CT and Light Sport Fly-In, Page, AZ

October 11 - 15, 2017


The time has come to start your planning for this year’s 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-In, hosted by CTFlier.com.  This year marks the 10th anniversary of this annual fly-in and by starting one day earlier than in the past we are adding in an extra day of group flights.


Notice that this is the “CT and Light Sport Fly-In" and is hosted by CTFlier.com.  While in years past the focus has been primarily on CT aircraft, we are now extending a welcome to any Light Sport aircraft to join us, not just CTs!


Dinner Wednesday night October 11 is the “official” kick-off of the fly-in and starts at 1730 hrs. at the Ranch House Grill. This is just 2 blocks north of the hotel at 819 Navajo Drive.


This year’s Page, AZ Fly-In date is Wednesday October 11 - Sunday 15, 2017.  

“Official” arrival is Wednesday, Oct. 11th and we head for home Sunday morning Oct. 15th.

We will do group flights over the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Monument Valley (breakfast), Zion Canyon and Bryce Canyon (breakfast), Bullfrog Marina and Resort (breakfast), once again also up to Escalante, Utah (breakfast) and to Monticello, Utah via spectacular Comb Ridge.  Each year we change a few things to add variety to the experience. A total of 36 rooms have been blocked off at the Clarion Inn, once again with a rate of $65 (2 queen beds). Breakfast is free in the mornings. The Clarion has not only a continental breakfast but a hot breakfast menu as well. 


We hope to have a record number of CT's and LSA aircraft for this 10th anniversary of the Page Fly-In. Just like in years past make your reservations early so you don't miss out; the hotel won't hold all 36 rooms forever.  Book it now and you can cancel up to 24 hours before Oct. 11th. Get it booked and reserved, then if you have to cancel you can, but if you wait again then you may not be staying with the rest of us and at your own peril for rates and possibly a different hotel. They book darn near the whole town in October. "You must tell them you are with the CT Group for your reference and the rate of $65 a night or you will end up being charged full price.   Ask for the General Manager, Illisa M. Tso if you have any issues with your reservations or contact either John-Olav or Tim through the CTFlier.com forum.


Clarion Inn - Page

751 South Navajo Drive

PageAZ 86040



We will have evening meals together Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  The Ranch House Grill will again cater dinners Wednesday through Friday while the Dam Grill will be the host for our final dinner on Saturday. 


We will fly into the Page airport - KPGA.

We are staying with Classic FBO.  The CT Fly-In group will receive a 30 cent per gallon discount on fuel.

Classic is not the first FBO next to the runway, but the second one behind them.


The Antelope Canyon tour and the tour of the Glenn Canyon Dam is open if anyone wants; you make these tour arrangements on you own. These are land tours.


You are welcome to invite other planes that are not CT's and everyone is welcome. Find some more LSA's.  Everyone is welcome!!!


It is important that you attend the dinner each evening to take part in the flight briefings and to sign up for what flights you want to take the following morning if you intend to fly in one of the groups.  The advantage of being in a group flight is safety plus flight leaders are experienced and knowledgable with the geography and routes of the flights.


Don't miss this, we always have fun.


Everyone coming please send John-Olav an email through the CTFlier.com forum so we can put together a roster and make name tags.  If you attended last year and we have your personal info then just say you are coming. If you did not come last year then we need your email to include: N#, Names of you and co-pilot, cell phone number, city, state.

This is a big help in organizing our flights since we have so many planes and it gives old friends and new friends a way to contact each other if need be.


Thanks.  Looking forward to seeing you all in Page!


John-Olav Johnsen and Tim Greer, CTFlier.com Page Fly-In Administrators





A 1/2 day raft trip is set for Wednesday Oct. 11th from Glen Canyon Dam down to just above Lee's Ferry


You must tell them you are with the CT group!


The half day river trip will take place on the normal “arrival day”, Wednesday  October 11th. For those taking the Wednesday river trip, if you want to take advantage of seeing a spectacular stretch of the Colorado River, you need to plan on a Tuesday October 10 arrival.  Again, there are only 12 rooms available at our CT rate on Tuesday night October 10 so plan accordingly. The trip starts in Page at 1100 hrs where we will take a shuttle bus down below the dam. We will board a 20-22 person raft and travel down river for about 1.5 hrs. and get out for drinks and photos. Then back into the rafts and on down close to Lee's Ferry. Then we turn around for a high speed run in the raft back to the start. We will be back in Page by 1600 or so.  There are no white water rapids, just a nice calm trip down through the canyon. The cost for all of this is $83 a person. The phone number for the reservations is 928-645-9175. BE SURE TO IDENTIFY YOURSELF AS PART OF THE CT GROUP WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS!  If you want to bring a lunch that is okay. You can also order a lunch at the time you make your reservation, cost is $10.50. Drinks are provided.
Don't be left out. They have a 48 hr. cancellation policy and you get it all back except a $7 charge.  A block of 12 rooms out of the block of 36 have been reserved for October 10th for those planning on taking the river trip.
Here is the link for detailed information: http://raftthecanyon...day-raft-trips/


C’mon, get signed up and take part in the best CT and Light Sport Fly-In in the most spectacular setting with the best flying conditions any pilot could hope for!  And with an extra day to sightsee this year.  


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John-Olav & Tim,


Thanks for putting this together. 


I had a great time last year and my wife realized that she missed out, Brian got bumped, Sue is in!  The extra days and will be put to good use, exploring  that beautiful area.


We have signed up.



Phil and Sue Wade


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Any and all "re-broadcasts" are welcomed.  Notices will go out soon to POA, AOPA, Purple Board, SPT, SC forum and Backcountry pilot.  Any follow-ups on those sites are encouraged, as they bring the topic back to the surface.  Of course, re-posts and links are encouraged on all sites, blogs, & forums.  Let's make the 10th Anniversary Fly-in the best ever!

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This is going to be fun.


Since the ground elevation is approximately 7500' around the GC you TECHNICALLY aren't supposed to fly through the corridors since they are 10.5K.' - 11.5K'. That said everyone does because there is really no way to enforce it since they would have to follow you and then ask for a PP license after you land. To my knowledge it has never been done. In all my years I have only seen one person not fly the corridors because he had a SP license.

Some here will disagree because it is the Law, but everyone breaks laws by act or omission and many do it daily and they just don't know it. Since I have worked in and around the law my entire life I can't claim ignorance so act it is for me. :)



So the decision will be yours to make.

Personally if you have never done it you'd be missing out. What a view.

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Hello Steve.  Registering is easy...just let me know your name (I now have that of course), passenger name, aircraft type and N number (again I now have that), and contact info...phone and email.  Then be sure too contact the Clarion Inn Page and make your reservation.  BE SURE to make the reservation under the "CT Group" in order to get the $65 rate.  And if you want to take part in the 5 hour raft trip be sure to contact the rafting company http://raftthecanyon...day-raft-trips/ and again, make sure you reserve under the "CT Group" to get the group rate and assignment to our raft.  Any other questions don't hesitate to contact me.



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Be sure to make your hotel reservation at the Page Clarion under the "CT GROUP" account.  You must do this to get the group rate.  If any question arises from a staff member, ask for "Ilisa".  She is the manager with whom this is set up.  Similarly if you intend to go on the raft trip be sure to get your name in under the "CT Group" account.  Time is going by fast and October will be here soon!

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It is now only 6 months until we kickoff the 10th annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in.  If you are even thinking about going get your reservation made at the Clarion...you can always cancel later if you have to.  This fly-in is a "bucket list" event and experience for any light sport pilot.  For those of you in the East who have never flown in the Great Southwest you are missing one of life's grand visual treats.  For those up in the Pacific Northwest...come on down to where it doesn't rain much!!!  If you fly in the Midwest and are tired of nothing to see but cornfields, come to Page!  For those of you who live in the Southwest...you don't have an excuse!  Seriously folks...this is such a fun event with spectacular flying scenery.  And as those of us who are long-time Page Fly-in "regulars" will tell you...the people you will meet and become friends with is what makes this such a special experience.  So start your flight planning to the Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in.  


Fly-in dates:  Wednesday October 11 - Sunday October 15, 2017

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Kathy and I will be there for the River Trip and hopefully some more great flying.   We had a fantastic time last year and looking

forward to meeting "old" friends.LOL  And - maybe some new ones too.

I will be re-posting this info on the Kitfox Forum.

Rodney & Kathy Wren

Hugo, Oklahoma

Kitfox N357RW


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THREE MONTHS TO PAGE!  Time is flying and soon those of us who make it to Page will be flying also...in the spectacular Four Corners Country of the Great Southwest.  Rooms still available.  C'mon...you know you want to!  Give in...make the call.  The 10th Annual CT and Light Sport Fly-in is a bucket list event for any Light Sport pilot, especially one who has never flown in this impressive landscape.  And you will be guided by pilots experienced in flying in the area and who are familiar with the landmarks.  Group flights every morning to Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Grand Canyon, Escalante Canyon, up Lake Powell, and other locales with landings for breakfast at some unique airport destinations.  You will see the Southwest in a way few other people ever do.  Meet other Light Sport pilots and share stories and experiences (embellishments and tall tales allowed too!).  Take part in technical discussions and enjoy dinner with your fellow pilots and copilots each evening.  So, just do it!  Make that call.  See you in Page!

Once you get your hotel reservation made please PM me with your name, passenger name (if any), N number, aircraft type, home base, phone number and email address for the roster.

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Hey Olav, I think I've convinced my friend with an experimental Waiex (Y-tailed Sonex, pronounced "why-ex") to fly out this year with myself and Bill Ince.  I linked him to this thread and I'll make sure he gets you his info if/when he has confirmed his room.

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