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New On-line Rotax Registration


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You can now register your Rotax engine on-line, through flyrotax.com.  The actual url is http://www.flyrotax.com/engine-registration.html  , or you can access it through the menu system at FlyRotax.com | Services | Engine Registration.


The Service Letter announcing the change is dated March, 2017 (attached).  All new registrations should be done through this system, but it's not clear if they want us to RE-register older engines.  It is clear that there is a provision for re-registering, as re-registered engines will not get approved immediately, as they will need to check/verify the information from the old system.


SL-912-020_SL-914-018_SL-912 i-009_SL-2ST-012_Engine Registration via ROTAX Aircraft Engines Website.pdf

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