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Flat Tire Procedure


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Recently there was some discussion on the flat tire problem.


But, I did not get the procedure for handling the matter, before

you fix the tire.


-Understood: If it occurs on the runway, clear the CT from the RWY.


- then should you taxi on the flat ?


- If no towing is available, can you DIY, say with a rope/line

   attached to your auto at one end, and the other end slung

   around the main gear legs ?


- Pull backwards with the horse collar ?


- Do FBOs have tools or dollies for the job ?



My airport slopes uphill; makes it hard to push the CT by hand.




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Get clear of active, then assess. It's really preferable not to taxi on a flat, but it's no where near as bad as driving in a car, the stiff tire bead will act like a cushion.


To repeat flight design on nose wheels though: ABSOLUTELY NO POWERED TUGS! If they can pick up a main, that's fine, but never on the nose.

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I have used a furniture dolly before to move the airplane back to the hangar when I didn't have a tire and tube on hand. I have also changed them just clear of the runway. Once I lifted the wingtip on the side with the flat and with someone else helping walked the airplane off the runway.

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The furniture dolly is a great idea... heck, you could even use a skateboard.  BE CAREFUL though when taxiing, if the tire gets wrapped wrong on the wheel, it can tear off the wheel pant (fairing).  There is a video of Bobby Cau taxiing slowly with a flat tire, when it happens.... about 3:15 into this video:


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