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FDUSA lists BEST GLIDE RATIO as 8.5 to 1 for the CTLSihttp://flightdesignusa.com/aircraft/ctlsi/specification/


FWIW when I first owned my 2008 CTLS I made 3 engine out maneuvers in one flight while attempting a constant glide speed of 72kts into the wind for 2k' of decent and had trouble averaging 8:1


For safety's sake I program 7.5 to 1 into FOREFLITE and SKYVIEW. Your mileage may vary. No warranty expressed or implied  :rolleyes:

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I stand corrected. I did use 8.5. 7.5 sounds too conservative to me since the 8.5 represents MTOW best rate.

I think I will go to 8.0 and then (eventually) do some flight testing.


Glide angle of the CTLS-LSA can be assumed in practice to be 8.5 to 1

with flaps 0°, and 7.9 to 1 with flaps -6°. With flaps further extended this

ratio gets worse. One effect of moderately set flaps is to reduce the

minimum sink, but the speed at which the minimum sink is observed

reduces faster. This results in a reduced possible gliding distance.

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I'm not the Wing Safety Officer BUT two points I offer for consideration.


1- Most of our time in the CT is spent at -6 degrees of flap. Will you remember to go to best flap angle of 0 degrees in an emergency. If not you won't make even 8:1


2- Do you think you can maintain a constant 72kts best glide speed while looking for a place to land in a true emergency. I had trouble doing it engine out (a glider instructor friend of mine in the right seat monitored a/s) as it varied between 69 & 75kts during a 2k' descent from 5k'. And I had no emergency.


Again your mileage may vary but whenever there's a question now I ALWAYS err on the conservative side. Then again at 73 I'm now an old, and no longer bold, pilot.


Truth be told my call out on climb at 1000' is "chute's alive", and in many instances my plan is to pull the chute and just return the plane to the insurance company.


The "chute's alive" call out is from my days flying Cirri. Not to be dramatic but I had an acquaintance who also owned a Cirrus who DIDN'T pull his chute. He had an engine failure several miles out after take off and opted to try and return to the field. He did not make it.

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I have it in my head 71kts at 0°. Those are the only numbers I have learned. If I am looking for 71 I am also going to zero on the flaps. It is what I do for my BFR.

I am also much more likely to go by what I see informed by ForeFlight than the other way around.

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Didn't FD at various points tout glide ratios as high as 14:1 for the CTSW/CTLS?  Nobody really believed those numbers, but 8:1 sounds a bit low.  But if 8.5:1 is really waht PD is not publishing, I'll use 8:1 to be conservative.


BTW, my -6° @ 78kt is based on my own testing, that is the setting where my airplane seems to glide farthest.

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