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Retained tension on main gear

Duski Don

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G'day from down under


I lift one wing on my CTsw after each flight to relieve the retained tension on the main gear.


When lifted the leg on that side will reposition back in to what I imagine is the original , less stressed, alignment.


Usually lifting just on side is enough for both legs to move back in.


Any feed back welcome.


Duski Don (Briggs)

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Duski Don, I imagine that it is good to lift a wing and let the gear relax. I have been informed that we should always latch our doors to prevent the door structure from taking a "set" and the fuselage is made from carbon the same as our doors. Something to consider: If the toe-in on your main gear wheels is excessive, your main gear could take a larger travel outwards away from the fuselage than usual during push back into a hangar.

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