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2018 Light Sport Repairman Course - Blue Ridge Community College

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Hey there! :hi-1082:

I'm happy to announce this year's dates and information for the Light Sport Repairman course offered by our college. 

For general information, please refer to this link: https://sites.google.com/a/email.vccs.edu/brcc-aviation-maintenance/light-sport

Tuition costs are based on 5 credit hours and state of residence:  http://www.brcc.edu/classes/tuition/tuition-rates/index.html

Registration begins the 19th of March, but it's not too early to apply for admission if you are fairly certain you will attend. https://apply.vccs.edu/oa/launch.action

If you desire more information regarding registration process or administrative questions, please contact Melissa McElveen at (540) 453-2224 or 'McElveenM@brcc.edu' 

If you have any questions regarding the program in general please feel free to contact me at (540) 453-2508 or 'dennisk@brcc.edu'

Additionally, we're very excited to have an Avid Flyer "C" model available for this year's course. The aircraft was donated to our program from the estate of the gentleman who built, flew, and then stored it downstairs in the family room for the past 15-17 years. It's in great shape and ready for some TLC!

NOTE: I opted to start a new subject instead of continuing in CT_MATT's thread from last year. I thought this might be less confusing. LSRM-A Training option on the East Coast




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