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Wheel Fairings - Attachment


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Here's a repair one might consider. In this case, the front wheel pant locator pin had completely worn thru the web inside the pant. A flat plate using 1/8" thick aluminum was fashioned and a hole drilled in this to match the pant locator pin diameter. This plate was then pop riveted to the wheel pant web. "Backup" pulled rived washers were used on the backside of the web. This was done without removing the wheel pant but by just removing the front wheel - much less work than removing the front strut to get the wheel pant off. If desired, this plate can be glassed in for added durability but it was thought that the web was saturated with grease and oil and the glassing may not be effective. Attached is a picture of the plate. This is taken looking up into the wheel pant from the floor.

post-24-040963900 1298640727_thumb.jpg


Regarding Roger Lee's comments about the rubber washers - I agree, these need to be thrown away. I get oversize SS fender washers (about 7/8" O.D.) and drill the 3/16" hole out to accept the 6mm bolt size. Next, I "cup" these washers to match the concave outer and convex inner surface of the wheel pant and carefully round off the sharp outer edges of the washer. This has been done for the front and main gear wheel pants. I figured there's got to be a better way after repairing completely broken thru pant attachment at the axles on my main gear. The wheel pant attaching bolts are snugly torqued with just one inner and one outer washer sandwiching the pant. I use SS washers at all other pant attachments and also try to shape these to match the surface they contact. No movement of the wheel pants results with the attaching force distributed thru the formed washers. This method seems to be holding up well even thru many grass field takeoffs and landings. No rubber used anywhere.

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