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LSRM training for owners

BMcCand - N248CT

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Hello, I'm considering LSRM training from Rainbow aviation, for personal aircraft maintenance. Mainly because I like to be hands-on

for mechanical issues. I doubt it will save money overall... would take too many years. I have taken Rotax service training.


My questions : for the 2yr Rotax rubber parts replacement

1. must I have Rotax heavy training? Only the heavy manual documents hose replacement, carb diaphragm replacement etc.

2. must I have FD specific training to replace engine mounts? The FD maint manual implies (or says) that.


I'll be in the Portland, OR area when the service is due. Any mechanics out in that area that people like for CTSW?

I've heard of P3 at KTTD for Rotax.

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Line Maint. can do the hoses and the engine mounts so long as you are an RLSM-A. Technically Heavy Maint is supposed to do the carb diaphragms or rebuild them.



The other issue at hand is the fact the FAA has now ruled that anyone with Rotax training can work on a Rotax providing they have the proper tools. They didn't put a limit on what the mechanic was allowed to do. So since that ruling any RLSM-A or A&P with some Rotax training, which doesn't have to come from Rotax, and has the proper tools to perform the job can work on a Rotax. So legally as far as the FAA is concerned so long as you were an RLSM-A and had the proper training from someone you could do it all. That said if you have a warranty the "not trained by Rotax" person will cost you your warranty if you have one. It would void any claims against the engine and any work that had to be done on an SB that Rotax would pay parts for would be void. Bottom line Rotax will not back anyone they have not trained and that they can do and that FAA has no say over.

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