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My CT was apparently tied down for several years. It freaked me out when I realized it. I really have not heard anyone read in on how safe the wing is against UV light causing degrading of strength but that is the main concern, will the strength of the wing degrade over time. Mine still has a shiny white gel coat. 

Second issue: It turned out that I had a swivel bearing in the tail where the elevator cable ends that was corroded. It was affecting the elevator travel, making it jerky/bindy. It is very difficult to get out. I removed the elevator trying to figure out the problem and it was quite a fiasco, but sure glad I fixed it. Anyway, that could happen if a CT was left out also. It would require extra care for lubing all the controls. 

And, of course, you can buy a cover set for the wings, cockpit area and even for the prop. 

I would think that a metal airplane would fare better outdoors. The weather takes a toll on any vehicle left outdoors. 

Best of luck,



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Something to consider is buying one that already has a bit of "out in elements" to it, that way it's already reflected in the price & history.  I see a recent ad here of a CTSW for sale that is LOADED with avionics, and see the graphics on wing are showing cracking from weathering, probably why the price point is where it is already...


Then when you score the hanger take the opportunity to touch up paint, graphics, etc - all to your taste.


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