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YouTube links from around Calgary


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Josjonkers, those are very beautiful but very rugged mountains. How long have you been flying in the mountains? This is a place you really have to know what you're doing. No room for errors in this terrain. Good advertisement for FD reliability!



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Cockpit light???


I guess maybe that is that hidden switch behind the seat cushion?


I agree that the panel looks dark. Maybe due to all the ambient light from outside (snow reflection??).


For flying here it helps to know where the valleys end up and yes, you may have to wait a day or two to make sure wind conditions are favorable to venture out. Valley floors around 5000 feet and up and gaps in ridges around 9000ft.

It all can be done fairly sag=fely and the key factor is that somedays you have to just say "hmm, maybe I will try this another day" and in summer with the very long days with sunsets after 10pm, either go early or later in the day.


Glad you enjoyed it.

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