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New dog in town

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Hi Guys,


Sebring has given up their dealership for the CT. The new CT dealer in Florida is in Miami and is called Premier One Aviation. They do service at roughly 1/2 the price of Sebring.

Premier One Aviation began operations in June 2010. They are the FDUSA dealer for Miami, the Keys and the Caribbean. They currently have 3 CTLS on the flight school and we are also a FD Pilot Center. We also have a full-time Rotax engine Certified mechanic (A&P / IA) on staff.

We should spread the word and use their flight center and service. We should shortly see them posting on the our forum.


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Miami is a lousy location for a Southeastern US distributor/dealer.


Why do you say that?


I live in a relatively depressed (but beautiful) portion of Appalachia. I recently visited my daughter, who live in an apt just off Las Olas in Ft. Lauderdale. Sitting at a restaurant there and watching the Hummers and Corvettes and Mercedes parading by reminded me what a hub of economic activity and extravagance South Florida is. I lived there for about 30 years, but after being away for a while the difference pops into sharp relief. Seems to me like a good place to go looking for discretionary dollars for an expensive hobby.


In any case, I have both business and family contacts in S FL, and having a decent ROTAX mechanic nearby would be a plus for me when I'm down there.

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To administrators: Is there some way to update the Forum's "Maintenance Technician" section for available Rotax repair technicians/locations in the U.S.? I went there to see where the Rotax repair places are and it seems that there isn't much shown. How about starting a new thread, something like "where's your favorite Rotax repair facility"? If someone has had repairs done and they know of a place, put this in here. Maybe start a list going as a "work in progress" for Rotax locations? Since I live in Michigan, I will look into what is available that is within reasonable distance (1.5 to 2 hours flight time?) in my area. Maybe others could do this for their locations? Just a suggestion.

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Hi Dick,


Ye of little faith. ohmy.gif


My feelings are hurt. sad.gif You think I would leave you hanging? laugh.gif Here you go. wink.gif









People do quite often travel 1 hr - 6 hrs to maint. facilities on a regular basis. I have one from Utah tomorrow and one from San Francisco next week.

Rex Johnson in Tulsa, OK has them come from 5-6 different states and I have them come from 5-6 different states. I have people come from San Francisco, CA and all the surrounding states of AZ. They come down for a couple of days for a little get away and fun and I do an inspection. People want a mechanic they can trust and are will to travel or bypass other mechanics when they find one. I would, too, especially after some of the things I have seen some mechanics do that aren't Rotax trained or not up on LSA's. You don't need to pay $95 and hr either for a good mechanic. I know some states do seem to be higher, but that may go with the cost of living for that state.


Here are a few friends that I personally know are good.

If you live in the Colorado area here is another good one. Ed Babovec, 303-587-0174, just north of Denver. Tell him I sent you. He's a good mechanic with LSA, knows Rotax very well and a nice guy. Dick Maddux in Pennsacola, Florida, 850-304-7371, tell him I sent you.

Perea Anthony in Miami, Fl 786-417-8570. Wayne Flemington, southern Cal. 951-926-9667, he's very good. Tell him I sent you.

These guys are good LSA and Rotax mechanics and I would recommend each one and none are expensive



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Nancy and I were just at Kendell-Tamiami TMB) airport and I spoke to a student and instructor giving flight instruction in a CTSW. We stop at Sebring to refuel, they have mogas, and a trip from Pensacola to Miami is significantly less expensive that way. I spoke to John Hurst, Lockwood Aviation and he told me about the change, I was really surprised. I can attest that Sebring/Lockwood is a first-class operation with a really fine maintenance staff/capability. I bought my CTLS there and in answer to the question of would I fly 4+ hours to get maintenance, Yes and I have been doing it since August 2008. Here in Pensacola, in deference to Roger Lee, I could not find any maintenance type who worked on the Rotax/LSA. Phil Lockwood made the strategic busines decision and I hope it works out, I am a Lockwood Aviation fan.


See ya, Ken and Nancy Nolde 370 hours


PS if I can get hold of an EAA Editor, I have written another article I would liek to see published--Living With an LSA: Two Years Down the Road

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Hello Ken,


I really look forward to your new article "Living with an LSA". You said "another article". You have another one on the same subject? If so, where is that?


I agree on traveling for maintenance and annuals. I have an FBO only seven miles away but I take my CT 200nm to a Flight Design approved operation. It's just peace of mind.

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